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Worksite Assessment

An assessment of the work environment and the demands of the job

  • 2 hours
  • Price varies
  • Employee's workplace

Service Description

A worksite assessment is an in-depth assessment of the employee in their work environment. OTMatters’ assessments are completed by a CORU registered Occupational Therapist, who is committed to providing holistic care, with an emphasis on function and supporting clients to reach their potential within the workforce. This type of assessment is recommended when the employee is struggling to fulfil various roles and responsibilities within their contract due to a disability, injury, illness or chronic health condition. This type of assessment may also be required when an employee is returning to work after a period of absence due to injury, illness or disabling health condition. The onsite assessment process is customised to suit the unique circumstances of the employee and the needs of the employer. Physical, cognitive, mental health and/or environmental barriers to work-related function may be considered in this type of assessment; with the goal being to identify solutions to support the employee to successfully return/remain in work and manage the demands of their job. The Worksite Assessment will include the following: A thorough assessment of the person’s abilities and limitations, the work environment and the demands of their job is completed to help answer your specific questions: What job accommodations does the employee need in relation to his or her health condition, impairments, activity limitations and participations restrictions? Is it safe for the employee to return to work after this injury/illness? Is there a risk of re-injury as the job requires manual handling, walking etc. Is the employee capable of doing their previous job when they return to work? What type of ergonomics are recommended to enable the employee to carry out his roles & responsibilities safely? Following the assessment, recommendations will be outlined and a clear action developed to support the employee in the workplace, including recommendations to specifically address the concerns of the employer and employee. Recommendations may include temporary or permanent job accommodations, task modification, assistive technology, ergonomic solutions, cognitive strategies, practical coping strategies for the employee, gradual work re-entry. A comprehensive Occupational Therapy report will be provided outlining the assessment findings and recommendations.

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