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Medico-Legal Assessment

A detailed & thorough assessment of the person's condition or injury following the index event

  • 3 hr
  • Dependant on time
  • Client's home environment

Service Description

Following commencement of litigation proceedings after an illness or injury, the unbiased opinion of an experienced Occupational Therapist is extremely beneficial in assisting the court to determine the impact of the illness or injury on a person's life, including the impact on their personal care, domestic, work and leisure activities. OT Matters Medico-Legal Reports provide a detailed and thorough analysis of the person's condition or injury, with regards to the following: • The previous, present and future functional ability of the client • The current physical, cognitive, psychological and social status of the client • Functional implications of the injury, including loss of lifestyle and impact on the client’s personal care, domestic, work and leisure activities. • The amount of ongoing rehabilitation input required • The care needs of the client (previous, present and future) • The extra support required associated with the injury (eg. personal cares, domestic assistance, adapted transport) • Specialist equipment required (ie. wheelchair, seating, bathing, hoists etc) • Any housing adaptations / modifications needed to the client’s home • Any reasons for re-housing • The client’s ability to return to work • An assessment of the workplace and recommendations regarding modifications / re-training needed to facilitate the client’s return to work • The client’s ability to return to driving • Any modifications required to the client’s car • Psychological impact of the injury (pain and suffering)

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